How to get invoices on the commerce.get_orders view?


I’m using the [[!commerce.get_orders]] snippet to show all orders of a user.
I have a column “Invoice” but it is empty.
On the twig template I have this :

{% for invoice in order.invoices %}
    <a href="[[~[[++commerce.order_resource]]? &order=`{{ }}` &downloadInvoice=`{{ }}`]]">{{ invoice.reference }}</a><br />
{% endfor %} 

But it’s look like the invoices where not activated, or not available… what did I miss ?

OK I forgot this step :

I put this code in my twig, but I only get the invoice number, not the link part:

<a href="0">INV-00001</a>

I missed to set setting_commerce.order_resource ID in system settings…