How to add a custom field during checkout process?

I need to add a custom field during the command process, like a textarea “Give us a comment for your order/delivery” as we can see on lots of e-shop.
Of course, the content of this custom fields should be used on e-mail templates and eventually on the backoffice

Is there a module for this functionnality ?

A small up because il the last functionnality which missing for my customer before the launch of my first Commerce shop :slight_smile:

The Basic Custom Fields module in Commerce v1.1 can help you with that:

If you’re on 1.0 and launching sooner than 1.1 reaches stable, then you could build a custom module to receive the input instead:

Do note that custom fields have a max length of 190 characters.

Very good news :slight_smile:

I will try to test the pre-prerelease 1.1 version :slight_smile:

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I think I have found a bug with the Custom Fields module.
When I select Time as field type, it’s building on the frontend a date picker instead of a time picker.

Edit : it’s look like I just have to change the type of the input html code to time instead of date