Horizontal scroll on the New event window

Under Firefox and Chrome, there is a useless horizontal scroll on the New event window :

It is not caused by Extended Fields because it was there before I have created them :slight_smile:

This would be not easy to solve, since the issue does not occur in my installation. Which version do you use?

I’m using :

  • MODX 2.7.2
  • Agenda 1.1.0-b8
  • Firefox 73.0 under Linux
  • Chrome 80.0.3987.106 for Linux too

You can see the horizontal ruler on my date format bug screencast : https://youtu.be/d0C8dbBvRag

The horizontal ruler disapear if I’m modifying with the Element Inspector the width of the div.x-tab-panel-body.x-tab-panel-body-top from 820px to 830px

Sorry, that answer does not help. You have to find which element is causing the issue, not which element makes it go away.

Could you show me your extended fields configuration.

I understand.
However, the horizontal bar is there on my computer without any extented field (empty agenda.extended_event_fields key)