Hidden Fields but not sending via AutoReply


Just wondering if there is anyway we can cleverly add a Hidden field with values that are sent to the Website owner and saved to the DB, but NOT included in the AutoReply email to the submitter?



Had a brief chat with the folks at Sterc for you about this. There’s not an easy way to do that at the moment.

One way to do it is to use a custom &fiarTpl property (add on the advanced tab, see the FormIt docs for how to use that property) with your own chunk for creating the email. You’d need to add all form fields to the chunk manually in that case.

Another option could be to duplicate the renderForm snippet and to change the logic that generates the fieldsemailoutput in that, and tweaking that to exclude your special field.

I thought you might say that.

How about if you amend the code that generates this output: [[+fieldsemailoutput]]
so that it adds a style=“display:none” to the <tr>? So you would have a Option on the Field that says “Exclude from autoreply” and it simply hides it if the value =1…

… or even just wrap this:
$fieldsemailoutput .= ‘<tr>’;
$fieldsemailoutput .= ‘<td><strong>’ . $field->get(‘title’) . ‘</strong></td>’;
$fieldsemailoutput .= ‘<td>[[+field_’ . $field->get(‘id’) . ‘:default=``]]</td>’;
$fieldsemailoutput .= ‘</tr>’;

with a if ($hidefromfiar != 1) {

Coupe of ideas for the Sterc team :wink:

Or a ‘hidden’ field type what can be excluded from the fair mail. I will take a look at it in a new release.

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