Help needed with using Tagger and TaggerGetResourcesWhere snippets with SimpleCart product resources

Help needed with using Tagger and TaggerGetResourcesWhere snippets:

Anyone knows why this snippet call doesn’t produce output?

        &where=`[[!TaggerGetResourcesWhere? &groups=`5`]]`

The snippet resides in a resource (id: 275) which is called by this:


The resource is set to isfolderso that the FURL ends with /

The snippets works perfectly in another place. The only difference is that in this case the getResources call affects scProductResources and not default modResource documents.

The [[!TaggerGetResourcesWhere? &groups=`5`]] produces the following output:

["EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM `km_tagger_tag_resources` r WHERE r.tag IN (38) AND r.resource ="]

Any hints?

FYI: Figured this out in the meantime! This is the full working getPage call to paginate getResources results by using TaggerGetResourcesWhere:

```[[!getPage:default=<div class="col-xs-12"> <p class="lead products-empty text-muted">No products found.</p> </div>@defaultPageNav?
&where=[[!TaggerGetResourcesWhere? &where={“isfolder”:0,“class_key:=”:“scProductResource”}]]

[[!+page.nav:notempty=<ul class="pagination"> [[-!+page.nav]] </ul>]]

Please note that this snippet call uses a custom snippet property set `defaultPageNav`