Hello, VersionX 2.2

I’m pleased to announce VersionX 2.2 is now available for download from MODX.com. This is the biggest release in a while, featuring under the hood refactoring following MODX 2.7, and some slight UI tweaks and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s been updated:

  • #105 Update component to make use of namespace-based routing instead of modAction
  • Refactor single index controller into separate controllers for each view
  • Refactor flat file processors to class based processors
  • Cleanup old processor files during installation
  • Use MODx.loadPage instead of window.location for opening links to allow middle click in 2.7
  • Cleanup of various legacy (VersionX.action, $versionx->getAction)
  • Highlight values that have changed in bold green
  • Make the “Compare to” dropdown bigger so you can see the full date/time
  • Properties tabs that are not implemented have been removed instead of shown as disabled tab
  • #86 Fix template not shown on resource fields
  • Show a more visual diff (red/green) of content changes

If you’d like to see more improvements to VersionX, such as a redesigned interface and the ability to automatically limit the size of the database, please consider making a donation.

This release took about 10-12 hours to modernize the code for MODX 2.7 and beyond, and donations are a huge help for making more time available to build additional features and improvements to one of my oldest extras. :wink: