Gitify with custom tables

Hi all,

There is a site on my production server that has a several custom tables - one of which is tracking a customers contacts.

The site is becoming quite large and I would like to move the site to use gitify so that I can more easily manage changes but have 2 questions.

  1. Can I move an existing site to gitify or do I need to start with a fresh install?
  2. If I make changes in my development server
  • Let’s say I add a new column to the custom “contacts” table to save their eye colour for some reason…
  • I then push those changes to my production server

Is it possible to push the database changes out, without overwriting the tables actual contents?

What I mean is: If the contacts in my development server do not match the contacts in my production server I wouldn’t want to overwrite those contacts - but I would want that new column to show up in the table for those contacts.

You can use existing sites with Gitify, but be extra careful about the database. Grab backups (Gitify backup) before doing builds, just in case you’ve overlooked something.

Gitify does not update custom table schemas, but it can copy contents from custom tables so long as they have xPDO models.