Gitify extract removes line, Gitify build adds the same line to all snippets and chunks

Today I tried to figure out why a lot of my assets are manipulated by Gitify, because my commits are loaded with unrelevant changes, made automatically by Gitify as it seems.

The behaviour is that when I extract from my modx installation the first line after <?php is removed. When I build the content again … the exact same line is added again.


Where can I change this behaviour?

Thank you!

Looks like a regular line ending change in Git to me. You can configure git to automatically handle that and not commit those. This article should help you:

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Could also be MODX - it has a tendency to strip newlines, while gitify has a tendency to clean things up. Could be worth a bug report if it’s easily reproducible.

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Thanks I’m going to try this :slight_smile:

Will do so, if christianseel’s suggestion isn’t working :slight_smile: