Gitify and Commerce's products

Is it planned for Gitify to support Commerce’s objects (particulary the products) ?
I’m working on a Commerce shop locally and I have to push to staging manually the products.

I have read this topic Commerce & Gitify - Coupling two of modMore's finest but why don’t implement this parser to Gitify ?

Hi @Spheerys, I wrote that post about Gitify and Commerce.

With the newest Gitify, which merged a necessary change, you should be able to gitify your commerce-objects with this configuration-example.

Let us know if you have any trouble using it.

p.s.: The parser isn’t necessary for this to work, it was just necessary for me to generate that yaml-configuration from the xml-schemas of Commerce. If for example Commerce has/had some updates, you could re-run that parser again and it should give you the new correct configuration, where you would just need to add “package” and “service” to the first config-block.

I didn’t show this part of the Gitify doc.
Thanks !