Gitify and certain core path

Hello Mark!

I can’t find any hints about installing modx with Gitify with a core path outside the webroot.
Any settings for this?

Thanks - and a great new year for you, Mark.

Happy new year @it_scripter!

No additional settings are needed for custom core paths. Just make sure that your .gitify file is in the same directory as a config.core.php file that points to the right core path. If .gitify is in the (web)root of your site, that file should already be there, otherwise just copy that one.

Thanks for your quick response on this day!

Gitify init installs modx with the “normal” core path. If I rewrite than the config.core.php and rename the core path every install call of Gitify overwrites the config.core.php with the normal path and generates the core path again. The modx:upgrade command fails.
It seems that I don’t understand a certain detail?


Oh, sorry. I read too fast and didn’t see you were trying to install with different directories. That’s not currently supported.