GIFs turn into static images on upload?

when uploading a .gif file to an image field in ContentBlocks, all of the .gif’s frames with the exception of the first frame seem to get deleted, resulting in a stationary image being displayed instead of the animated gif.

If I upload the gif through the MODX media browser instead and then select it inside contentblocks, I get an error message when trying to save the crop saying “File path/to/file.gif not found in source 6”.

As far as I understand, uploading and cropping GIFs should be possible since version 1.12.0, right?

(I’m using MODX version 3.0.5.-pl and ContentBlocks 1.13.5-pl)

I did some more testing and noticed that the .gif upload works on our dev server, but not on the live server. One difference I noticed between these two is that the dev server has the Imagick php module installed, but the live server does not. Could this possibly be related?

Hi @bellevue7k ,

ContentBlocks uses Imagine for image manipulation which does support various libraries/drivers such GD and Imagick. Layers manipulation — Imagine, image manipulations reloaded
But, unfortunately they don’t all have the same features. I think you’re correct that you’ll need Imagick for handling an animated gif, as GD doesn’t support layers.

I’ll get a note about that added to the ContentBlocks docs.

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That is probably the issue then, our live server uses GD. I’ll contact our hosting provider and ask if they can install Imagick for us.
Thank you!

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