Generate products overview / list

Hello everyone,

I currently have this Collections structure:

  • Products
    • Shirts
      • Shirt 1 (Child of Shirts)
      • Shirt 2 (Child of Shirts)
    • Jeans
      • Jeans 1 (Child of Jeans)
      • Jeans 2 (Child of Jeans)

So the Products, Shirts and Jeans are a collection, in every sub category (Shirts and Jeans) I use the Products TV List to add products to the sub category to be shown in the list. I saw another Topic on here And have followed the latest answer in that topic without success unfortunatly.

Now to the question: How do I display all of the items inside a Sub Category (let’s say Shirts) and then make the item clickable to go to the designated resource inside a collection?


Hey Mark,

As with your regular MODX sites, you’d iterate over resources with either getResources or pdoResources. That’s how you generate your listing.

Inside the template for that, you can inject information about the products (like pricing) using the commerce.get_product(s) snippets.

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Hey Mark,

Thanks for the reply, that is indeed what I ended up doing… thanks for the help!

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