[gateway] SagePay

Hi Mark,

Is SagePay in the pipe line for SimpleCart? I can see its #10 in open issues, but it has no version number assigned to it like the other open issues.

Does this mean it won’t be developed?

If it doesn’t have a version number yet, that means it’s not yet in the works or confirmed for that specific release.

In the case of a SimpleCart gateway the version number isn’t very relevant though, as those would be released as a standalone package.

I’d like to work on the SagePay gateway soon, it’s currently the most requested gateway. Was actually working on it a while ago but kept hitting a brick wall trying to get access to a sandbox for testing.

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HI Mark, I know this is a very old post but is there any update on this? I have a project which requires me to use SagePay and I wanted to use SimpleCart. Did it ever get finished? Thanks

A SagePay integration is available for Commerce, but not for SimpleCart.

I don’t really remember working on one for SimpleCart, though it does look like I talked with a few people back then about the possibility.