From Dev to Live

Hi There,

You helped me a while back with a few importing issues, and i’m finally at a stage where the client is happy and i want to go live. I currently have a free dev license on a dev. subdomain.

What is the process for going live?

Ie, how do i pay, how to I activate the paid version etc?


Just follow the standard process for going live. Copy all the files and the database to a new server, updating paths etc.

When it’s live on the new domain, you should get an email from modbot telling you there’s a license issue on the new domain. (You can open the SimpleCart component to speed up when your receive the email). There’s a link in that email to the site, where you will be asked to assign a new license, or to transfer the license. As you’re using a free dev license currently, only the assign new license option will be available.

At that point it can either use a license you already purchased, or you can purchase a license then and use that. After clicking Assign License, the site will automatically download the new license key for the domain.

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