Formalicious and Google Re-Captcha

Hi There :slight_smile:

My client asked me to implement google re-captcha in a form made with Formalicious.

I found nothing in the documentation or on the Web. Any idea on how can I implement this?

Of course maybe before the (Send) button

Thanks a lot in advance :smiley:

I’ve just tried and failed to get this to work as a custom field - is there any official line on whether it’s possible or not with Formalicious?

Thanks for any thoughts.

I use the fabulous recaptchav2 Extra by Sepia River. This allows you to use either Recaptcha v2 or v3, and integrates as a hook into FormIt / Formalicious.

In Formalicious v1, it was easy to implement on all forms, by adding the required fields, hook name and parameters into the formTpl, thus adding it to every single Formalicious form.

I have yet to work out how I can ad to all forms in Formalicious v2 without having to add the hook and parameters to each form individually, as well as creating a custom Input to add the required fields in as well. If I do, I’ll post it back here.

Hi Quentin,

Thanks for your reply.

Yep I was using the recaptchav2 extra too.

Added recaptchav2 as a prehook to the form, added the following in a chunk:



And called that chunk in the custom field.

Now, the Recaptcha field would show in the form and was operational, but regardless of whether it was completed or not, the form failed to submit.

No validation errors appeared.

This was true with the field required and not required.

What am I missing?

Ta again for any help.