Fields and layouts are duplicated after reinstall contentblocks

I am expieriencing problems with fields and layouts. After a reinstall of contentblocks all fiefds and layout are duplicated in extras/contentblocks. After that i uninstalled the package (uninstall, no remove or preserve) and insalled it again. Now i get a new set of fields and have three of all. Is there a way to fix this?

When you install again, don’t choose a set of layouts and fields to install in the setup options. As the text there says (in bold, iirc), that will cause you to have duplicate fields and layouts.

The only way to fix it is to remove the duplicates or to revert to an earlier backup/export

If you look in your core/exports/ directory, you might find a few field exports there which were created by ContentBlocks during its install. If there’s one with just the original set, you can try to import that with the mode that clears all existing fields first which keeps the IDs.

I didn’t know that after an uinstall and install those fields and layouts gets duplicated. I have reverted the package to an earlier version. Problem solved!

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