Feature Request: Static Field Templates (checkbox)

Just getting back into CB and I really want to store my field templates externally like I can in the rest of MODX.

Not only would they be stored along with my other static assets (& in version control), I could run things like PurifyCSS against them to eliminate unused styles from my css frameworks.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about the Export functionality as a way around this for unused style elimination.



I want the same thing

Is this something we can expect in the future?

Yeah, it is on the radar for 2.0. But not yet confirmed/implemented so don’t bring out the pitchforks if it’s not in there :wink:

Improving the developer experience (*for those that refuse to use the manager) is one of the more common bigger feature requests we get.

At the moment you can use @CHUNK syntax and make the chunk static, but that just adds an extra layer both in processing and the developer experience, so I’m not sure if that’s really much better.