Feature request : GDPR compliant videos

As you might know, embedded YouTube videos install third-party cookies to visitor’s browsers. So currently, videos added through Redactor are not GDPR compliant.
Popular cookie manager - like cookiebot or tarteaucitron.js - asks developers to modify the YouTube integration code in order to restrict the video from showing until visitors accept cookies.

It would be nice if we could customize this integration code in MODX (using system settings for example).

The “insert video” feature of Redactor is a simple text field to enter the embed code. I think you’ll either need to teach your users to enter the proper embed code, or use ContentBlocks for such rich content so you can define the templating (embed code) separately from the content (video id).

Hi Mark,

The “insert video” feature of Redactor is smarter than think :smiley:
You can just paste the YouTube URL and it will create the embed code for you.
It would be nice if that code could be customized.

My users do not want to learn or understand HTML, that’s why they use Redactor :wink:
And using ContentBlocks for a blog would be an overkill.

Ahhh, the link expanding. I thought you meant the video plugin/toolbar button. I’ve logged an issue but we’ll need to see if there’s any way to make that configurable.

Is there an update about this request? It would be really handy to be able to customize the created embed code. I simply need to be able to add a div around it, so I can style it to be responsive.

The GDPR compliancy can be achieved by simply replacing the YouTube-URL with www.youtube-nocookie.com, so if that could be implemented as option or even as default?