Feature Request: automatic classnames for repeater items

I hope this is the right place for this…

It would be nice to have some additional placeholders like we have in pdoMenu/wayfinder.

For the item template “first” and “last” come to mind, “odd” and “even” would also be nice. Yes, you can do this with conditional logic, but out of the box, would be great.

So instead of writing a monster like this:

<div class="[[+idx:is=`0`:then=`first`:else=``]] [[+ids:is=`[[+total]]`:then=`last`:else=``]] [[+idx:mod:is=`0`:then=`even`:else=`odd`]]" data-id="[[+idx]]">
        <img src="[[+image]]" alt="[[+alt]]" />

Something like this could be used:

<div class="[[+classnames]]">
        <img src="[[+image]]" alt="[[+alt]]" />