Failed Upgrade to 2.8.0 via SiteDash due to error in moregallery?


Just wanted to upgrade an 2.7.4 installation to 2.8.0 with core outside of root with sitedash. I got the following error message in sitedash:
Client returned error: Received exit code 255 running the setup with error: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ';' or '{' in /www/htdocs/w00XXXXX/ on line 579

line 579 reads:
public function _getShareData(int $consent): string

When running the setup-script directly, I get:
ERROR: Your MODX_CORE_PATH is invalid; please specify the correct path in the field above and click Submit. The path has to contain a trailing slash.
(but the core field shows the correct core-path, WITH trailing slash: /www/htdocs/w00XXXXX/

What is going on here? Really a problem with moregallery?

Sounds like the php version used for a command line command (SiteDash runs the install as CLI) is different from the one on the web. That line uses PHP7 syntax but the error indicates the CLI php version doesn’t know how that works.

The SiteDash install log should show you the php executable being used.

Second thing you mention suggests the core folder or config file can’t be found, potentially due to the failed upgrade. Or a typo in the path.