Extended fields from custom table?

I have two custom tables setup with migxdb, where one of them is containing info about teachers (name, email, image, etc.), while another one is holding different classes and info about them (title, info, description, etc.).

Basically I would like to create and edit both courses and teachers through their own separate cmps and then merge their data to be displayed on an event. The reason for this, is that both classes and teacher information is also displayed elsewhere on the page.

Is it possible to add like listbox fields (as extended fields?) to the events where a course and a teacher can be selected from dropdown lists and the event gets data from the table through that?

Sorry to ping this again, but if there’s no (easy) answer until now, I guess it’s safe to assume, that my request is not possible for now?

You can use the categories for this and join each category with a resource. It is currently not possible to have a direct MIGXdb join there.

With a MODX plugin registering custom xtypes, you can add your own field types in the extended fields.

[{“xtype”:“your-own-xtype”,“name”:“your-name”,“label”:“Your Label”}]

Then you have the joined values in a JSON coded array in an event.