Excel buttons does not work on Refactor 10.2.X + jQuery 2.X + latest Chrome (58)

Sandbox to test: http://jsbin.com/jitufab/edit?html,js,output

It works find in Firefox 53 and 54 (dev built), Opera 44. Does not work in Google Chrome 58, Chromium 58

Hi @idfdeveloper - I think you may have us confused with Imperavi, the developer of Redactor. We just build a MODX version. If you have a license from imperavi, you can reach out to them via the account section of their site.

That said, there do appear to be problems with redactor.js v10.2 in the Chrome 58 that we’re also investigating as part of our support for customers. It seems updating to the newer version of Redactor helps.

Hi @idfdeveloper - there’s a fix for this issue here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43674400/redactor-editor-text-format-issues-with-chrome-version-58

Thanks for your help @mhamstra - the solution from stackoverflow works for me!