Event Start- & End-Date undefined in Event List

I created an event. In the Events list, the start date and end date show the error »undefined, NaN.NaN.0NaN NaN:NaN«.

Hello István. What is your manager language? I think there is an issue with the lexicon or a system setting entry, that defines/formats the output there.

Yes this was my first idea too. I entered in German UI language. And switched to English. But I don’t try to switch the date format settings. The plugin was installed with German date setting (d.m.y). But I think the date will be saved in the database independently from the language. The Event list output should transform it into the format given by the settings. It should be fixed if I want to rollout for customers.

It is saved as date in the database and formatted by ExtJS during the output.

Is the event displayed right on the overview?

Yes. I think it’s just the output in the events list which creates the error.

The same error appears in list of recurring events.

Maybe you could give me backend access on Monday, to reproduce this issue in my browser. Otherwise I need some infos about some system settings etc.

That seems to be a browser (or some system setting) issue. I have tested it in your installation and can’t reproduce it with my browser (Chrome and Firefox on OSX 10.14.6)

To narrow it down a bit: Please look in the html code of the agenda CMP page. There is an Agenda.config object in the code. What is your value for “manager_date_format_long”? Is it “l, d.m.Y”? Then it should be a browser issue, otherwise the config value is set wrong for your user for whatever reason.

Yes, you’re right. I used Safari. In chrome it’s ok. But it shouldn’t be a browser issue. :wink:

Do you have the same issue in other manager grids that show a long date?

Hm. I don’t have a installation with same issue. But I cannot remember if I have any installation showing familiar date/time. I’m using the collection extra with showing date and time. But with default date and time setting. I don’t know how it will generated. But there is no problem

It’s definitely only in Safari. The dates, that shows the change date of a setting, will be shown correctly too. I play around with the date and time system settings in my test and other installations but there it works. It seams only in Agenda.

That issue is fixed in 1.0.1.

Yes works now also in Safari.