Errors in error log when upload a photo

When I upload photo to gallery it triggers error in error log:
[2020-03-24 12:39:09] (ERROR @ /home/xxxx/domains/domain.tld/public_html/core/components/moregallery/model/moregallery/mgimage.class.php : 947) Error(s) loading file valokuvat/galleria/asbraktia/vs-kasvit-mg-0195-526.jpg for image 526 in gallery 119 from media source 2 : Array
[file] => file_err_perms
Error triggers both: user and admin.
I`ve set up permissions to both context:
Admin: mgr>Super User - 0>MoreGallery Full Access
User: mgr>Member-9999>Muokkaajan galleria (Access policy that I created for gallery, full access now)

Photos are ok in site front- and backend. So no problem with that.
Is this error related to modx or is it server side error?

And other thing is that user dont see gallery settings in resource settings (full access). Ive edited Form Customization to user. So what fields should user have enabled if user want to see gallery settings too?

That error comes the media source when trying to load the file content. Supposedly because the file permissions are incorrect, but I think that may also get triggered if the file doesn’t exist.

Interesting that you get the error and still have a functional gallery though. I’d expect to see broken images if the file can’t be found. Does the path match exactly? Perhaps there’s a plugin active that rewrites file names on upload causing - to turn into _ or something like that?

Settings are added into the modx-page-settings-left region - if you’ve disabled that you’ll need to enable that again and perhaps disable the settings you want to hide individually.

Actually I sanitize filenames with LR copy name field when render files to gallery and it seems that there is no change in filenames in gallery.

How do I investigate correct paths? Just looked photos in front end and paths seems ok.

But as I told photos are ok in front end and there is no errors when viewing photos.

I tested users media source and could upload photo to media source as user without any errors.

Ok. Checked paths with [[+path]] placeholder and everything is ok.

Also checked errors in server. There was no errors.

Maybe I`ll ask server admin if he can find more about this. There is been big changes in server level.

Gallery works just fine and feels pretty good. But it is lot of better without any errors in log.

With what?

In LR there is a copy name field which you can add your own filename template and export (jpg) with adding some placeholders + copyname I can export photos with wanted filename form.