Dynamic products

Hi and Happy New Year,

I’d like to generate products on the fly, from a database of 5 core products and a couple of hundred variants. Can Simplecart handle dynamic products or do they all need to link back to a resource?



Happy new year Chris!

SimpleCart does indeed require every product to ba resource.

Commerce will let you separate the listed product catalog from the internal product representation (see the documentation on that here and here). You’re on the list to get the alpha invitation in about a month or so.

Cheers Mark. How about using a database driven product option, rather than a TV. So have the core 5 products but load the options dynamically. Would that work? I’ve seen suggestions of using a MIGX tv for product options so could this be another option?

Without trying to repeat myself, SimpleCart wont let you easily do that (it’s pretty much set in its ways of the custom input options tv with no points where it can be extended without hacking the core), but that would be a lot more straightforward in Commerce. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could try to dynamically populate the tv value so SimpleCart can still read it from where it expects to find the information, but that’ll probably get fairly tricky to manage with hundreds of variants.

Got you! Thanks for the speedy reply (and sorry for the silly questions!)