Dymo printing notification after a new order


I’m working on a store for a food truck and one usefull option could be an automatic Dymo printing notification with essential information about the order.
I saw the Dymo Address label extension and it looks good to adapt it for my purpose.
Few questions :

  • is this feature is already available somewhere ? I had to ask :wink:
  • is this feature was asked before ?
  • do you think it’s the good way to start from Dymo Address label extension to make another extension for this purpose ?
  • if yes, could it be possible to add a trigger from Commerce’s order to this Dymo label printing ?

With your answers, I will go further with my dev team :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hey @Spheerys, sorry for not responding sooner.

To my knowledge this is not a common request, but it is something cool :wink:

The Dymo Address Label uses the client-side (JavaScript) framework. It’s possible to tweak the label but it’s not template-able like other things are in Commerce. To create a label that includes additional information about the order would be more work. The current module could be a decent starting point as it does handle some of the stuff with loading the right bits and pieces.

You’re still doing it client-side in that case though, with the trigger being the user pressing a button somewhere.

If you want Commerce to automatically print a label when an order is received, you’d need to build a Custom Status Change Action, but then you’re looking at a completely different integration from the Dymo side. I’m sure it’s possible to do, one way or another, but instead of having the users’ browser communicate with the label writer connected to their computer, you’re now communicating from the server (which is likely in a data center somewhere off-site), and the server needs to connect to the label writer somehow. I think there are tools available to make a Dymo available on a network, but I don’t know the specifics about that and what it means for security.

My guess is that the challenge in integrating something like this is on the Dymo side, not the Commerce side. Let me know how it goes!

Thanks for your answer Mark.
I will dig on this way when this request will be confirmed :slight_smile: