Display field description in manager

Maybe I’m totally missing something but is there a way to display the field description below the field title like usually happens for TVs in MODx?

I’d like to display the title (e.g. "Image) and below it a description (e.g. "Crop this to xx pixels), but filling in the description field does nothing in manager pages. The field can be used in front-end templates, but it seems counterintuitive.

Hi @luc4982!

The field is primarily meant to add context within the “Add Content” modal window. When hovering over an item, it will show a tooltip with your description.

We do have an open feature request (#340) for this exact issue in our tracker, so I’ve added a vote to that on your behalf. When we make progress on that, I’ll let you know here.

Hello @mhamstra ,
it would be great to be able to show the description in the manager to give some instructions to our end users.
Is this feature still planned or is there another solution ? I could develop a custom field if needed, but was looking for the easiest solution.