Discounts/Gift Vouchers

As commerce doesn’t have a built-in gift Voucher option (something which would be great to have) we are using a 3rd party option - GiftUp - this works well as we can add pre-generated codes in giftup and add them as discounts in commerce. However, you can only use one gift voucher/discount per order. Is there a way for them to add multiple vouchers? Ideally if a customer has a £40 and £25 voucher and the course is £67 adding these two discounts would be ideal. is there a way to do this? Are there any plans to add gift vouchers?

There is an api for giftup - - is there a way I could use this for Commerce?

That’s only a restriction for the built-in Coupons functionality.

Outside of that, as a developer you can add many discounts to order items, or separate items with negative totals, through the comOrder, comOrderItem, and comOrderItemAdjustment classes.

As a non-native English speaker, coupons and vouchers sound similar, but if I’m correct, the idea of a “voucher” is that it’s more like a payment method than a discount; perhaps it’s a card people bought in a store and gifted, and its entire value should be spendable on one or multiple orders. A prepaid amount that can be redeemed as if it were cash. GiftUp looks like that as well. And a “coupon” is a discount that has not been previously paid into by the customer, but is simply a special sale that is unlocked.

From a taxation point of view, applying a “voucher” should not change the order totals or taxes (which a “coupon” would) - only the amount due. So that makes it technically a payment method (where the transaction amount is limited to what’s on the voucher and not already spent), which allows the books later to reflect the money came from some interim account that was paid into earlier.

Not in the short term.

The GiftUp API looks straightforward enough, so sure, that could be built.

Building such an integration would require quite some in-depth knowledge about Commerce, more than any other extension that is currently available.

Hi Mark, thanks for getting back to me. Yes you are correct, a gift voucher is like a prepaid card. In regard to this shop tax is all included so the voucher amount simply comes off the order total.

In regard to the GiftUp API and something that could be built, I obviously don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Commerce. Is there someone who could build such an integration, is it something you do? It would be ideal to have a discount box and a ‘apply gift voucher’ box. It would certainly extend commerce in terms of functionality.

Glad I got the distinction right.

I do have the in depth knowledge about Commerce :sweat_smile: But I don’t have a lot of time for new projects at the moment. I’ll happily squeeze in a 2-3hr project here and there, but this seems bigger than that and would likely need to wait until end of January-ish. If that’s not a problem I’d be happy to come up with an estimate.

Hi Mark, is there any way to allow more than one discount to be applied in the basket. So say they have two discount codes, can they apply the first, it takes the amount off the total, then they add another click apply and it reduces the total further by the second amount i.e. combining the two discounts. At the moment you can only apply one discount per basket. Thanks

Not at the moment - coupons are hardwired to only allow one per order.