Detecting "what" is in the cart

I’m interested in being able to detect if a particular item is in the cart to drive a couple conditionals. Is there any hidden methods I could link into to allow me to loop over the cart contents and display chunks based on said content?

Would like to end up with something like:

[[!cartIncludes? &productId=25 &then=chunk1 &else=chunk2]]

I’m guessing i’ll have to load both chunks into memory and do the conditional via javascript but wasn’t sure if there was a way to access the data if I used the site cache for the cart instead of cookies.

Yeah, you can interact with the cart programmatically.

Something along these lines will first load the CartContentsController:

$sc = $modx->getService('simplecart','SimpleCart',$modx->getOption('simplecart.core_path',null,$modx->getOption('core_path').'components/simplecart/').'model/simplecart/',$scriptProperties);
if (!($sc instanceof SimpleCart)) return '';

$controller = $sc->loadController('Cart', 'ContentsController');

Then load the products into the controller:


and then you have a limited copy of the products in $controller->data['products']. So you can do something like this:

foreach ($controller->data['products'] as $product) {
   if ($product->id == 15) {
     return '[[$chunk1]]';
return '[[$chunk2]]';

(All of the above is untested)


Thanks Mark, that is awesome that it can be accessed like that!

The only change I had to make was to use:


in the foreach instead of


so a bare bones snippet would look like this:

$sc = $modx->getService('simplecart','SimpleCart',$modx->getOption('simplecart.core_path',null,$modx-        >getOption('core_path').'components/simplecart/').'model/simplecart/',$scriptProperties);
if (!($sc instanceof SimpleCart)) return '';
$controller = $sc->loadController('Cart', 'ContentsController');

foreach ($controller->getProducts() as $product) {
 if ($product->parent == 34) {
  return 'true';
return 'false';

Ahh, I missed the getProducts but should’ve known :stuck_out_tongue: Nice work.

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