Deposit Option

Is it possible - or is there a way - of setting up a product where you have the option to either pay a deposit or pay full price. Also a request for a date picker to select date for collection which I am guessing will be a custom field.

Then would the information be available as a report so that the client can see which customers have paid a deposit, which customers have paid in full and the date they would like to collect the item.

Kinda - you could create a separate product for the deposit and add that to the cart, instead of the full price product.

For more control over what’s exactly added to the cart, a custom snippet can also be used:

Basic Custom Fields probably does the trick for you. The date type will validate the submitted value to be a date, and can be set to be required as well.

There’s also a PickupTime extension, but Basic Custom Fields is more flexible.

That sounds like a very specific report which is not available out of the box. There are a variety of reports, including product related, but I don’t think they match your exact business rules.

Might need to build a custom report: