Delayed Capture

I understand from the documentation that it is now possible with Commerce to set up delayed capture payments. My client is using Stripe as their payment gateway and can see that this is an option.

I also understand that it is possible to set up 2 payment options for the same payment gateway, so in my case I would like one which is delayed and one that is automatic. My question is, do I need to set up these two payment options with different API keys and webhook?

They can use the same API key. Webhooks will need to be unique per payment method in order to get confirmations working.

I do wonder if you may run into issues with the multiple webhooks where the other webhook complains it doesn’t recognise the transaction - we have an open issue for that with regards to using a single Stripe account with multiple e-commerce solutions, but this just popped into my mind as potentially triggering the same issue.

OK will implement the 2 options but with different webhooks and let you know.