Customised Product

I’ve been ‘stalking’ SimpleCart and Commerce for a while. I have a couple of projects where I want to use a Modx e-commerce solution rather than the bloated Magento. I’d love to use Commerce (btw why not rename this to ModCommerce or similar to make finding support easier in the future?) but it’s obviously not quite ready. So in SimpleCart is it possible for a web designer with good experience of Modx but not PHP, to add customisations to a product? Such as text i.e. a name on a personalised product? I’m not talking about designing a t-shirt but just some sort of tv that would take the value through to the cart and order. Thank you in advance.

Hi @chrisandy!

The very first dev version of Commerce was actually called “MoreCommerce”, but the shorter, simpler name seemed better :slight_smile: There are not any other ecommerce products with a similar name yet, so the “mod” or “more” prefix didn’t seem necessary in this case.

SimpleCart does sound like a good solution for your project. With custom order fields you can add additional fields to the checkout that are automatically stored with the order. I seem to recall that also works with the add-to-cart form for product-specific options, but I’m not seeing an example in the docs right now so maybe I’m just a little confused - let me know if you want me to double check that.

If you didn’t see it yet, we do have a pretty good sale on right now, so it would be a great time to pick up a license:

Thanks for getting back to me Mark. I saw the offer and that’s what prompted me to give this a go. On one of the projects it’s critical that we have a text field to customise the product (on a per-product basis) so if you are able to check I’d really appreciate it. The problem with the name of Commerce comes if you search google for specifics about the system. It’s a bit like ‘Articles’ - so generic that it was always impossible to find answers.

I read through the documentation and forum over the last few days and pretty much found the answer - to remind me, the thread is here: How to add a free text field to a product?