Custom Payment Processor Workflow

I’m building out my custom payment processor, but trying to find the best workflow. I need to send the order number to the payment processor for referencing later, but I have to send that before the customer is able to submit the card. Is there something I can do between “scCreateOrder” and “scFinishOrder” to process that payment without losing order information?

Hey @matdave - I’ll need a bit more info about what exactly you need at what point in time to be able of offering any in-depth information.

Payment integrations in SimpleCart don’t typically rely on the hooks you refer to, instead they are separate classes that SimpleCart calls at specified times. It’s not well documented, but all existing integrations are available on github for inspiration.

Yeah, I’ve been looking at them and getting a little closer. I primarily need the Order ID before opening a payment window, then once the payment is accepted send it back to “finish order”. I think the class is the closest. My only problem is if they hit back and/or need to change something it creates a whole new order.