Custom information in the invoice

Hi, I am developing a shop that sells craft workshop courses (dev site here - I have used the resources’ method for the products and all is working well. I have a few things to iron out though. One of those is Additional Information that customers need to receive about the course. I’d like to do this in the initial invoice which is sent to the customer on purchase rather than have to send an additional message in the dashboard after the order has been received. I have set up a TV for this additional info for each workshop. Is there a way to get it into the invoice. I have tried adding the TV (e,g [[*someTV]]) in the settings footer text but it just outputs the tvs name. Thanks

Invoice generation has access to the same placeholders as the emails. Those are detailed here:

TVs are not available by default.

If you’re using resource products (i.e. you set up TVs for things like product price, rather than using the products list TV), then you can find the resource ID in Using that, you can use third party snippets like pdoField (part of pdoTools) or getResourceField to retrieve the desired TV values.

For example…

{% for item in items %}
  {% if item.product and %}
      Course information: 
      [[pdoField? &id=`{{ }}` &field=`myTvName` &isTV=`1`]]
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

(That’s from memory; the pdoField syntax may be wrong.)

Just be aware that twig syntax is processed before MODX syntax, so while you can generate MODX tags in Twig, you can’t do the opposite.