Custom gateway -

Hi folks, I need to connect to a local merchant account. The cart total needs to culminate into a form like this -

Is it possible to set this up in SimpleCart? Or will I need its bigger brother Commerce to do that?

Custom gateways are possible in SimpleCart, and what you posted seems simple enough (although I do wonder if wipay offers more advanced integrations with anti tampering protection).

Biggest challenge is that I don’t have any documentation for how to that.

I do have documentation on doing it for commerce:

Thanks for answering. Yeah I was trying to avoid having to pay $300 for Commerce when we’ve already set up products inside SimpleCart.

There is an antitampering measure in place and it involves hashing some variables together. Those same variables are hashed on wipay and sent back and the comparison is done locally.

It might just be easier for me to redirect users who want to pay via wipay to a page with those fields setup and process the order manually if a success status is returned from wipay.

That’s not far off from how a properly integrated gateway works :wink:

The integration can serve as an example:

The other official integrations are also available on GitHub for inspiration.