Custom Formatting Bug

When applying a custom format, it is not possible to switch to another format IF the firstly applied format is anything else than a h-, p- or pre-tag.

Even when using the examples from the documentation, this does not work properly. As soon as “Info callout” is selected, you can’t switch to any other format. For now, our only workaround is to only use p and h-tags.

We were able to replicate this issue on multiple installations with different versions such as:

MODX 3.0.4-pl
Redactor: 3.2.0-pl

MODX 2.8.3
Redactor 3.1.4-pl

I’m not immediately seeing this when I try on my sample setup. Could you provide more detail of the steps you’ve taken and where things don’t seem to work the way you’d expect them to?

We just setup a fresh MODX 3.0.5 site with nothing but Redactor 3.2.0.
Same problem, even with the Example provided in the docs: Custom Formatting - modmore documentation

As soon as we switch to the custom “Info callout” formatting, no other formattings can be applied anymore:

Tested on Chrome, Firefox and Edge in their current versions.

Thanks, now I’m seeing it too, even though I have no idea what I tried differently today vs yesterday.

Will need to debug. Not immediately seeing the cause.