Custom fields not showing up

I have set up custom fields in the custom fields module to allow someone to add attendees to a workshop if they pay for more than one workshop i.e. quantity 2 (site here). I have added this to the address step and created the lexicon entry for it. It shows up as expected.

<div class="c-field attendee col-lg-6 col-md-6 col-sm-12">
<label for="attendde1">{{ lex('commerce.attendee1') }}</label>
<input type="text" name="Attendee1" id="field-attendee1" placeholder="Attendee 1" value="{{ address_shipping_fullname }} />

I am now trying to retrieve this within the order summary and in the merchant and customer emails but nothing appears. I am using this {{ order_fields.Attendee1 }} as per the documentation. Am I missing something

Also, should the field appear in the Order in the backend?

Yes, it should. In the list of order information, left side of the order detail page.

That it doesn’t show there suggests to me that it wasn’t saved with the order, and then it also wont be available in the emails.

Can you show a screenshot of your Basic Custom Fields module configuration please?

here you go

Hm, that looks fine to me.

Just to be sure - the module is also enabled?

If it is, please email with a manager login (and link to this topic) and I’ll take a look for you to see what’s going on.

Thanks for sending an email Alastair, I’ve fixed it on your site and a fix will also be available in v1.1.2.

The problem was that the in the module configuration there were spaces at the end of the field names (e.g. Attendee1_) which meant the module was not seeing a value. I’ve prepared a fix so that any spaces are trimmed away, and applied that to your site.

Perfect thank you. I’ll test again