Crop settings from Site settings

Hello Mark, I have a question =)
I want to use flexible crop on different contexts:
But when I do this - I geu in JS ContentBlocksFields unparsed values.

So I open Plugin and add this on 117 line (not sure that it is correct)

$chunk = $modx->newObject(‘modChunk’);
** $chunk->setCacheable(false);**
** $chunk->setContent($fields);**
** $fields = $chunk->process();**
Or use this:
$modx->getParser()->processElementTags(’’, $fields, false, false, ‘[[’, ‘]]’, array(), 10);
** $modx->getParser()->processElementTags(’’, $fields, true, true, ‘[[’, ‘]]’, array(), 10);**

So, My question is:
Is my solution correct and is it possible to add crop settings from Site settings? So in different contexts I can use different crops? Right now CB see only settings from SITE_SETTING table, not context_setting table…