Coupon restricting a product from getting discount

Hi Everyone,

First time posting here. Trying to help a client use their SimpleCart setup. They would like to create a coupon that doesn’t apply the discount to a particular product but will apply to everything else. They thought product restriction would do that but that’s only for requiring a certain product to be in the cart for the coupon to apply. Does anyone know how to restrict a product from getting the coupon discount?

Also, how to apply the same principle to multiple products?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

That’s unfortunately a configuration that SimpleCart does not support. I think we have an open issue in our tracker to add support to add a discount to multiple products, which would be a suitable workaround as you mentioned to me elsewhere, but that’s not yet in development.

That’s a bummer. Is this something you’d be willing to fast-track if my client paid for it?