Copy/paste of fields with content inside and between resorces

Is there a way for editor to copy/paste single fields or entire layouts inside resource or between resources? When maintaining large sites, with lots of similar structured pages full of complex fields, this is a must-have.
Didn’t found a way to do it. Considering CB for large company implementation, without copy/pase it is no-go.

Not at the moment.

There are templates which you can use as some sort of blueprint, and you can build custom structures for complex fields with repeaters, though.

Thanks Mark, I know that, I am wokring for several years with CB. But we definitely need someting simple to use for content created freely by editors.

Hello @hrabovec,
maybe this would help for the moment?

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Thanks Jens, will have a look at this. While CB is based on JSON in resource properties, I guess it should be quite easy to somehow copy part of this JSON representing layout or field (to clipboard or session cookie), then paste this into target resource JSON to a selected place and refresh visual representation on back-end editor.

Hello Mark, I have just realised that maybe only thing needed here is to add button “Create template from layout” inside layout context menu (alongside Switch layout, Repeat layout) inside resource editor. Then Templates would be excellent solution even for ordinary users. Maybe there should be some category to store these user templates, with ability for user to delete his/hers own templates.