CookieList doesn't work since MODX 2.5 (?)

Hi there,

some times ago I asked for a MODX add-on to create wish-lists in SimpleCart. So @mhamstra gave me a hint for CookieList. The implementation was quite easy and worked fine until I installed the MODX 2.5 upgrade (I think).

This is the button which puts the product to the wishlist:

[[!addToCookieList? &tpl=`ProductToWishlistButtonChunk` &addText=`Auf Wunschliste` &removeText=`Aus Wunschliste entfernen`]]

This is the snippet call to list item id’s:


Already cleared browser cache.
MODx error log doesn’t show any relevant infos.

Anyone else using CookieList and having hints on how to get this working?