ContentBlocks v1.8.12

Another batch of ContentBlocks bug fixes for your enjoyment is now available.

Most notably, when combined with Redactor 2.3.7 you should notice the rendering of the manager page is a bit more performant. ContentBlocks is now indicating to Redactor that it will render the content canvas, so Redactor doesn’t have to initialise on the content field simultaniously. This prevents loading images (which likely cause a 404) and other processing that is never visible.

All fixes in this release:

  • Update crop file if it already exists [S20407]
  • Make sure cropper errors are visible [S20651]
  • Set a JavaScript variable to indicate ContentBlocks will render the content field; this way rich text editors can decide to not render the content in the background. This improves manager performance and prevents errors from getting triggered in the developer console (with Redactor 2.3.7).
  • Add missing ContentBlocks_RenderContent event to package
  • Make sure event output caused by content rendering (e.g. fetching TV paths or render events) does not leak out of ContentBlocks::generateHtml [S20522]
  • Update the upload processor to catch renamed files on MODX 3 (note: MODX 3 is not officially supported yet) [#558]