ContentBlocks 1.8.3

ContentBlocks 1.8.3 is now available with a number of bug fixes, and also some changes to the transport package.

If you run into any issues installing this update, please get in touch (

Here’s what has changed:

  • Fix drag & drop ordering of settings not working anymore [S18381]
  • Fix image buttons not shown when an image setting is added to an image field [#539]
  • Fix help links in the ContentBlocks component [#536]
  • Tweak long setting labels to look prettier [#535]
  • When rebuilding content, make sure [[+unique_idx]] is reset between resources [#532]
  • Add Layout Settings to field templates as [[+layout_setting.SETTING_KEY]] [#529]
  • Speed up rebuild content by only sleeping between processed resources, allowing skipped resources to move faster
  • Remove unused phpthumb library
  • Update package encryption to encryptedVehicle 2.0
  • Package installation only checks the server requirements once now, before the rest of the installation
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