ContentBlocks 1.7.5

We’ve just released ContentBlocks 1.7.5 with a fix for an incorrect default icon on lists, updated translations, and a new setting contentblocks.tinyrte_lazy_init which can be enabled if you’re experiencing performance issues in the manager.

TinyRTE is the single-line rich text editor we built into text, list, and gallery fields. When focusing the field you get the option for bold/italics/links. This can already be enabled or disabled per field.

With the new lazy init option, you can tell ContentBlocks to wait with initializing the code until the field is used (focused). This has the downside that until that point the markup will be visible (e.g. you’ll see <a href="foo">Bar</a> instead of a formatted link), but the benefit is that your page won’t freeze if you have dozens or even hundreds of fields on the same page. It is off by default.