ContentBlocks 1.7.3 / Alpacka 1.0.0

We’re kicking off this week with a new ContentBlocks and Alpacka update. These two are closely related, as Alpacka fixes an issue with path placeholders which was affecting ContentBlocks.

This fix primarily affects ContentBlocks users that upload images on new resources, where the path is set to include a resource-specific placeholder, like [[+alias]] or [[+id]]. Previously, the upload would create a directory literally called [[+alias]], which would result in a broken resource tree. Now, that will instead strip out the unfulfilled placeholder on new resources.

Alpacka 1.0.0 fixes:

  • Make sure left-over placeholders are removed in parsePathPlaceholders
  • Read assets_url and core_path from settings before using config constants [S9752]

ContentBlocks 1.7.3 fixes:

  • Update modmore/alpacka to 1.0.0-pl to strip out left-over placeholders in upload paths (e.g. [[+alias]] if resource isn’t created yet) [#469]
  • Make sure $modx->resource is available before using it in cbGetFieldContent/cbHasField [#502]

While MoreGallery doesn’t let you upload images before the resource was saved once, the same Alpacka fix is available to those users by updating the standalone alpacka package.