ContentBlocks 1.6 pre-release now available

The first 1.6 pre-release for ContentBlocks is now available, just in time for the holidays. The full changelog for this release is included below. Highlights of the new features, improvements and bug fixes in 1.6 include:

  • It’s now possible to add images by providing a URL. This will download a copy of the image and link to that.
  • Streamlined the repeater UI when setting the min and max items to 1.
  • Better handling of corrupt or missing layouts/configuration, previously this would break the interface, now it shows you a more useful error message.
  • Updated dependencies (jquery, upload libs etc)
  • A whole bunch of small UI/accessibility related tweaks to make ContentBlocks a bit more pleasant to use.

To use the pre-release, you need to enable the Pre-releases channel on the API Key used to connect to our package provider. Go to Account > API Keys and click on Pre-releases in the Channels column to enable it. After that, the update will be available for installation on your site.

Let us know if you find any issues in this new release.

Happy holidays!


New features & improvements:
- Add ability to insert images by providing a url; images are downloaded to the server [#351]
- Hide Delete Item button on repeaters that have a fixed number of items [F392]
- If repeaters are set to a fixed number of 1 item, the item collapse button is also hidden [F392]
- Add checkered background for transparent images [S9968]
- Add support for the gallery input type in &innerLimit property of the cbGetFieldContent snippet [S9985]
- Ctrl/Cmd clicking a video search result will open it in a new tab
- Attempting to delete the default layout or field will show an error [#436]
- Ability to drag files from the file tree into image/gallery fields [#179]
- Internal dependencies (jquery, file upload, typeahead libs) have been updated [#433]
- Add defaults_allowed_inputs setting to manage which input types are available as field targets in default templates [S10491]
- Add show_resource_option setting, disable it to hide the "Use ContentBlocks" option on resources [#280]
- Show clear warning when layouts can not be found when generating the content to prevent broken pages [#405]

Accessibility/usability-related improvements:
- Fix missing focus styles on selects, text inputs and radio/checkbox [#429]
- Hide "x" from screen readers when accompanied by a textual label, like "delete" [#425]
- Add title/aria-label to close modal button [#425]
- Add higher contrast hover/focus indication for "Add Content Here" button [#426]
- Add title/aria-label to move layout up/down buttons [#424]
- Add title/aria-label to "Add Content Here" button [#420]
- Change button hover/focus styles to ensure enough contrast [#427]
- Button hover/focus styles for destructive actions are now in red
- Clean up formatting in tinyrte link modal
- Clean up styling in add content/layout modal
- Video search results can now be navigated with the keyboard [#390]

Bug fixes:
- Fix possible broken canvas caused by textarea field
- Fix positioning of loading mask on fields
- Prevent E_NOTICE for repeater subitems that have been removed [S10493]
- Fix comma-separated select/radio setting values preselecting the wrong options [S9748]
- Add missing contentblocks.file.upload_path setting [S10614]
- Fix parsing issue in cbGetFieldContent where nested items don't get processed first
- Fix paste cleanup in IE11
- Fix default media sources working in multi-context setups [#434]