ContentBlocks 1.6.4 fixes third party editors on drag & drop

ContentBlocks 1.6.4 is now available, with some long-awaited fixes for third party rich text editors (TinyMCE RTE and CKEditor). When reordering fields or layouts they would break due to their use of iframes. To work around that, ContentBlocks now destroys and reinitialises the editor on sort.

With this fix, ContentBlocks now supports Redactor (preferred), the original TinyMCE package, the newer TinyMCE RTE extra by theboxer, and CKEditor for rich text fields.

There’s also a couple of other bug fixes in this release, listed below.

  • Accept empty property values as filled-in values [S11382]
  • Fix missing key/width fields when duplicating a subfield in a repeater [S11386]
  • Fix PHP 5.3 compatibility in dropdown getlist processor [S11400]
  • Use [[+value]] instead of [[+tag]] on chunk fields for consistency [S11424]
  • Fix TinyMCE RTE [#378] and CKEditor [#267] instances breaking when fields are dragged and dropped or layouts reordered