ContentBlocks 1.4.3 fixes issue with media browser and dropdown TVs

Following several reports from our users we identified an issue in the video input type that was affecting the MODX Media Browser and dropdown TVs. The video input would load the Google JavaScript API Client (to search YouTube), and that was somehow breaking other, completely unrelated, aspects of the manager.

Based on the timing of the reports and the affected versions this seems to have been caused by a recent change on Google’s end.

In today’s 1.4.3 release the video input is reworked to not use the Google JS Client, but to just talk to their APIs directly.

Here’s the changelog for 1.4.3:

  • Fix video input breaking the MODX Media Manager and dropdown TVs, caused by Google JS API [#387]
  • Fix issue selecting availability fields in certain languages due to max length option [#388]

The update is available now.