ContentBlocks 1.3.0-rc4 improves FileSluggy compatibility

Thanks to some help from the team at Sterc we’ve found a way to improve the compatibility of ContentBlocks with extras that sanitise and rename uploaded files when they’re uploaded - like their FileSluggy! While ContentBlocks already sanitises filenames before uploading them, it does so is slightly different from FileSluggy, which means in some cases the filename will be changed and the image upload breaks.

With the new ContentBlocks 1.3.0-rc4, available as prerelease, we’ve found a way to read the updated file name after upload, allowing image uploads to work as expected when both addons are used.

Assuming we don’t receive any new bug reports specific to the 1.3.0 release, the next release is likely to be the stable version of 1.3. So if you do find any issues, report them to us as soon as possible!

More information about ContentBlocks 1.3 can be found here, including an overview of new features and how to get access to the update.

Changelog for ContentBlocks 1.3.0-rc4

  • Improve compatibility with FileSluggy (and similar extras) that sanitize and rename files on upload