ContentBlocks 1.12.4 failed to install

I saw an update in MODx for ContentBlocks 1.12.4, but the installation failed.

Now I have an entry showing ContentBlocks is not installed, even through it still seems to exist and function.

The installer log seems to show every single file and folder failing to be copied. As far as I can tell the ContentBlocks folder permissions is the same as all other component folders in MODx.

EDIT: on a side note there was also an update for Redactor 3.1.5 and that installed without issue.

A bunch of errors related to file copying does typically point towards file permissions (or file ownership). In theory it could also be a corrupt build on our end or a failed download, but that’s pretty rare.

Make sure to scroll to the end of the console and look at the last 10 messages or so to make sure it’s failing due to the file replacement issues, and not something else (license, php version, etc.).

Well now I just had it happen with the latest 3.1.6 version of redactor. Same type of failure it looks like. The previous version that installed properly on 12/11/2022 was 3.1.5. Same day that ContentBlocks failed to install. Were there changes made in 3.1.6 that could affect how the installer works?

The last few lines of Redactor’s failure look like this (root folder replaced with …)

xPDOCacheManager->copyFile(): Could not copy file /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/redactor/controllers/default/set.class.php to /.../core/components/redactor/controllers/default/set.class.php
Could not copy file /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/redactor/controllers/default/set.class.php to /.../core/components/redactor/controllers/default/set.class.php; could not create directory.
xPDOCacheManager->copyFile(): Could not copy file /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/redactor/controllers/default/output.class.php to /.../core/components/redactor/controllers/default/output.class.php
Could not copy file /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/redactor/controllers/default/output.class.php to /.../core/components/redactor/controllers/default/output.class.php; could not create directory.
Could not copy directory /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/redactor/controllers/default to /.../core/components/redactor/controllers/default
Could not copy directory /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/redactor/controllers to /.../core/components/redactor/controllers
Could not copy directory /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/redactor to /.../core/components/redactor
Error copying files from /.../core/packages/redactor-3.1.6-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/e6ddea393b13ff0a5101c3c7e677c4dc/ to /.../core/components/redactor
Vehicle 26f24649b8b1f097e8e80307960c10c4 in transport redactor-3.1.6-pl failed to install and indicated the process should be aborted.
Could not install package with signature: redactor-3.1.6-pl

Permissions in the components sub folders look like they are all 705.

I also have an older version of the site still running on MODx 2 (without some of the most recent edits) that just installed these two updates just fine. Folder permissions seem identical between two sites.

The only two packages that have failed to install in MODx 3 are the two latest from modmore. How do I check if the licensing is still working properly in the MODx 3 site?

@ebc My core/components and its subfolders have 0755 set as permissions.

And you can check if the licensing is working by:

I changed the folder permissions to 755 for all the files inside the ContentBlocks and Redactor folders and that seemed to allow them to install. The middle 5 enables Read and Execute group permissions. I’m not sure what “Group” it would be using. Why would that be a requirement for the latest version installer?

I think that was always a requirement :slight_smile:

The default setting for new_folder_permissions is also 0755.

Also in the basic installation tutorial, it shows a screenshot with the default folder-permissions:

So I’d rather like to know, where you got that 0705 from :wink:

And regarding the group: inside the group, there is most likely the “www-data” user, the user that your webserver/php-instance is using, which of course needs rights to read/write.